A brief history of Mawk Kon Local Development Organization (MKLDO)

Mawk Kon Local Development Organization (MKLDO) was established in 2004, as the name of Youth leaders of Shan Literature and Cultural Committee (SLCC) to contribute towards community development and humanitarian response in Keng Tung and Eastern Shan State. As SLCC focused its work effectively and efficiently on leadership development of youth, adolescents and women in the community, Youth Leader Group (SLCC) was distinctively appreciated by communities and local authorities.  

In 2011, SLCC’s Youth Leader Group changed its name to “Mawk Kon Local Development Organization” (MKLDO) in order to extend to the aim of providing technology and resources for the sustainable development of all indigenous ethnic groups living in Keng Tung Township, eastern Shan state. In 2012, MKLDO applied for association registration at the Union Registration Office due to the Association registration law, and then the Ministry of Interior legally recognized MKLDO as an organization in 2014.

MKLDO is a community-based Development Organization that continuously strives to promote the development of local communities through better understanding of life skill, learning by doing and sharing experiences to each other. The project townships covered by the humanitarian services of MKLDO are Keng Tung, Tachileik, Mongkhet, Mongyang and Mongyawng Township. MKLDO has worked on project interventions in a total of ( 25 ) village tracts and (500) villages. Since 2004, it has implemented more than (18) projects in different areas, such as, livelihood, food security, nutrition and WASH, trafficking and migrant people, internal displacement and support, Prevention of SEA, Gender-based violence prevention, Reproductive health and Sexual health, child protection Project and so on. Therefore, it has been able to reach total number of (20,000) beneficiaries. MKLDO supported and implemented Nutrition project for children under the age of 5, pregnant and lactating women; migration project; Child Protection Project; Women's Rights and empowerment Project; Leadership Project; Livelihood and food security project (agriculture, livestock, small and medium income-generating activities); Human trafficking prevention project for local development. Currently, MKLDO has (15) full-time staff, (6) technical advisors and (50) volunteers to implement these projects in order to meet target goal and beneficiaries in time.

The ultimate goal of all projects implemented by MKLDO is that people of all minority ethnic groups living in eastern Shan state are enable to participate in sustainable development and in continuous making effort progress. It is also the future vision of MKLDO. In order to achieve that ultimate goal, MKLDO is providing humanitarian assistance to the vulnerable and defenseless people by providing sustainable livelihood technology; connecting with the local market to sell self-produced products; facilitating on how to use applications related to career; providing capacity building and awareness on health, SRHR, nutrition and WASH to be able to live long, work and eat healthy and nutritious, and referral to proper health care and security.

As the eastern Shan State is a region where interesting ethnic tribes live, and has many cultural heritage and diverse traditions, MKLDO has to implement cultural projects that maintain the Shan-national characteristics and hardware of heritage buildings and places, in order to sustain the valuable cultural tradition and customs and natural resources. MKLDO is working with the relevant Departments, local authority and partner organizations to ensure smooth collaboration process and better end-results. 


To promote and maintain the sustainable development of various ethnic communities living in the areas of Eastern Shan State.


The sustainable development of various ethnic communities in the areas of Eastern Shan State will be promoted and maintained through capacity building, sustainable vocational and technical support, facilitation of market linkages and implementation of socio-economic development measures. 

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