Who We Are


The organization aims to facilitating sustainable development of indigenous ethnic groups living in Kyaing Tong Township, Eastern Shan State.


Sustainable development of indigenous ethnic groups will be secured through improving systems and capacity of Civil Society Organizations representing indigenous ethnic groups, nurturing natural resources and adapting appropriate life styles that correspond to globalization while preserving tradition, culture and prestige of respective ethnic groups.

Organization Profile

Mawk Kon Youth has been operational since 2004 in Eastern Shan State to promote leadership skill among youths, to develop and create awareness of life skills, and to provide livelihood opportunities for the youths. Mawk Kon Youth is a local non-government organization to contribute to regional development by focusing on capacity building of youths and provide livelihood opportunities towards village communities in the Eastern Shan State.

Since 2011, Mawk Kon Youth has changed its name as ‘Mawk Kon Local Development Organization’ and applied official registration in 2012. In July 2014, Mawk Kon Local Development Organization gained official registration and has been implementing development projects and civic empowerment project such as food security and livelihood strengthening project, capacity building program on vocational skills, health, leadership development and awareness program on Safe Migration and   forced labour Project and also Prevention of Human Trafficking in Children, Youth and Women Project.

Mawk Kon Local Development Organization has implemented a Food and Nutrition Security Project supported by GIZ since 2015 November until  July 2018.

Main Activities

  • Sustainable Agriculture System and Foods Nutrition.
  • Natural Environment Conservation and Land Management.
  • Gender and Women Empowerment.
  • Migration and Anti-human Trafficking Protection.


  • Department of Labour
  • General Adminstrative Department
  • ATTF
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Health
  • Department of Livestock


  • Spring of Love
  • KMSS (Keng Tung)
  • Kachin Women Group
  • Lahu Development Network
  • Tai Youth Organization