Migrant Resource Center(MRC) Tachileik

Mawk Kon Locai Development Organization

Migrant Resource Center (Tachileik) was opened in April 2019 with the collaboration of ILO. Tachileik is always the last resort for migrant workers before going to China, Thailand and Laos. So we opened MRC as the Fort Knox of the migrant workers before going to destination countries.

Services we providing at MRC are

  1. Provide spaces for women to be empowered through open discussions, training and activities raising women negotiation skills, increasing awareness of gender discriminations.
  2. Provide counselling services on safe labour migration to migrant workers at the MRC, via outreach by phone or through social media.
  3. Disseminate information through the MRC and outreach.
  4. Organize public events for safe migration campaign.
  5. Organize regular training on Pre-departure.
  6. Organize outreach activities on safe migration awareness
  7. Provide monthly training on financial education for women of potential and returned migrant workers.
  8. Provide regular life skill training to women, youth and potential migrant workers.
  9. Hold consultations with local authorities, employment agencies, CSOs to discuss health and low problems and update information.

Contact as below                

Qt(3),Myo Thit Yart , Khart Htar Street , Keng Tung

Ph-084 - 23943 , 0949033423 , 095252486

e-mail: [email protected]

Facebook Page: Mawk Kon Local Development  Organization

Labour Exchange Office(Tachileik)-084-51954

Anti-Trafficking Task Force(Tachileik)-084-53022